Sevnsoft Hide My Messenger v3.2.122

Martie 23, 2010

Hide My Messenger is an amazing tool designed to protect your privacy. The program instantly hides any window and tray icon with a move of the mouse or click of a single hotkey. You can easily hide your messenger AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ and more!

Hide My Messenger can hide any program or window.
Use it to:
Hide AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger
Hide Skype, ICQ, IRC
Hide Internet Explorer or another browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
Hide Winamp, Media Player or another player
Hide games
Mute sound
Hide any application at startup
Hide any window including its tray icon
Run screensaver
Protect hidden windows with a password
Hide My Messenger is a way to avoid an invasion of your privacy and protect your interests from strangers.


1. Hide selected windows with a hotkey or mouse move
2. Restore windows without losses
3. Hide selected tray icons
4. Hide selected windows on startup (optional)
5. Password protection
6. Works invisibly in the background
7. Close all hidden programs with a hotkey
8. Mute sound when hidden (optional)
9. Customizable hotkeys
10. Run Screensaver with a hotkey


http://rapidshare.com/files/366832036/S … E.rar.html
http://uploading.com/files/maf91583/Sev … iTAGE.rar/


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