X-NetStat.Professional.v5.53 PORTABLE

Martie 23, 2010

X-NetStat displays information on your current Internet and network
connections, much like the console netstat.exe program, but in a
graphical interface. These connections are established each time you
visit a web page, send an instant message, check your email, or
anytime you do network activity that requires you to connect to
another computer. They also appear when outside computers attempt to
connect to your machine, authorized or not. Each connection is
displayed in the Connection Table, where you can see the address you
are connected to, what ports (local and remote) are being used, the
connection status, how long the connection has been active, and the
program that is behind the connection.

The Professional edition of X-NetStat offers a smorgasbord of
additional features that are geared towards Network Administrators
for their tasks of monitoring and managing networks. X-NetStat
Professional contains powerful features like a Rules System that lets
you set up actions based on network conditions, a comprehensive
Network Statistics window displaying information on network
interfaces and protocols, a Web Server that lets you access XNS
information remotely, a collection of Lookup Tools (TraceRoute,
WHOIS, Finger, DNS, Web Search, etc), and many more features.



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